Welcome to the My Journey Commuter Challenge 2015

In the month of May lots of people like you will be switching their regular commute to walking, cycling, car-sharing, or public transport saving time, money and getting  fitter.

Last year over 9,302 single occupancy vehicle journeys were replaced with sustainable journey's. 56% were replaced by active modes (41% by cycling and 15% by walking), 3% were replaced by home-working and 40% were replaced by other sustainable modes (e.g. public transport and car-sharing). This saved a total of 37,692 kg CO2 and £45,872.

This year the Commuter Challenge is back with more great prizes and discounts. We are offering a fantastic discount of up to 1/3 off bus and rail travel*.

The challenge is open to everyone. Once your organisation is signed up you can take part as an individual or as a team.




Become a Commuter Challenge Champion

Once you're signed up why not encourage some of your colleagues to as well? With our Champion pack you can download posters, postcards, web banners and images for printing or email or putting on your website.

For more information about the challenge including info about bus and rail discounts Click Here



What happened in 2014?

The commuter challenge in 2014 saw 35,936 active or sustainable journeys made during the month covering a total distance of 313,370 miles with 43% of the those involved in the challenging increasing the amount of days they cycle and 38% increasing the amount of days they walked following the challenge.

Further 2014 highlights and pictures.


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