Have you thought about cycling for at least some of your regular, short journeys? Or for part of a longer journey? Do you have a bike sitting at home that you keep meaning to make more use of, but just need a little motivation or encouragement?

Cycling has so many benefits. Not only is it a fun, sociable and healthy activity, it can help you save money on fuel and parking costs and reduce your carbon footprint. What's more, cycling in towns is often faster than other means of transport.

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Latest Local News

Winchester City Council have recently formed a partnership with the Golden Mile so that schools can take part in regular walking/ exercise during school time.

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The Big Bike Revivial comes to Southampton!

Do you have a bike that's been in the back of the shed for some time and you'd like some help in getting it back on the road? If yes then come along to one of our events acrosss the city this summer.

On Sunday 11,000 people took to the streets of Southampton for the 7th Sky Ride event