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So, it’s a brand new year. The days are getting longer (honest). And the coming months could be your chance to save money and get fit in one fell swoop.

But first, here are half a dozen stories to get you geared up. All who took part come from Hampshire, Portsmouth and Southampton so the results could be up your street, literally.

Do vote for your favourite and then share your own travel tips with us via Facebook or Twitter. We have prizes to inspire you. So park the car, or at least share it, and read on.


This gym-user gets his cardio workout on the commute, and the daily walk from Southsea to Portsmouth city centre has helped Joe lose two stone.



Car costs were mounting so she borrowed a bike. But now Emma might want to spend her savings on a new dress. In the last six months she has dropped two sizes.



A journey once found daunting has become a daily breeze for Rebecca, as she cycles to work from Southampton to Eastleigh. 



It took a broken arm to convince Paula and Cath to share a car into work. Nicola has since joined them and they split the costs three ways.



The local pensioner used to struggle with a flight of stairs. Now he cycles 16k each day and Peter only regrets not getting out on two wheels sooner.



She used to stress out about traffic and parking. Now Kelly chills out with a book and a seat on the bus.



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