Primary School

Primary School

Pick and mix from an exciting line up of tools to get parents, pupils and staff travelling to school in more active, healthy and sustainable ways.

Some activities listed have limited availability and will generally be allocated on a first come first served basis. Resources may be prioritised for schools who actively engage in increasing cycling, scooting, walking or using public transport and gaining an award. For more information about any of these offers please contact the School Travel Planning Team on 01962 845638 or

Back to school booklet 2015

When children are starting in Reception, their parent/guardian will be making decisions on how they travel to school, and this routine will often remain throughout the whole of their child’s education at primary school. This is an important time to influence these decisions and so this booklet has been produced to provide parents with the information and tools they need to find out the options available, even if it’s choosing an alternative to the car once a week. Read more here.




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