Rediscover bus travel

So how have your local buses improved recently?

They’re hi-tech!

Today's buses are brimming with technology* to make your journey easier, including free WiFi, onboard next stop announcements and real-time next bus information at many stops. At the stops you'll find QR codes which link directly to bus timetables.

Most of the bus operators now offer the option of quick and easy contactless payment using your bank card, credit card or phone.

*Technology is available on most buses.

They’re faster!

Dedicated bus lanes and priority signalling mean buses can whizz past cars stuck in traffic. Smart tickets such as the Solent Go travelcard make getting onboard much quicker, while leaving your car at home means you won't have to waste time looking for a parking space.

They’re convenient!

Buses go right to the centre of our cities and towns, making them ideal for shopping and commuting. Wheelchair users and parents with prams will find that most buses are much more accessible than they used to be, with raised kerbs at stops and hydraulics to lower buses.

They’re great value!

Whether you get the bus once in a blue moon or every day of the week, there'll be a ticket that suits your needs. All the bus companies offer a range of tickets. Singles, returns, daily and weekly tickets can usually be bought on the bus itself, whilst all other tickets will need to be purchased in advance. You can make greater savings with long term tickets and buying tickets is now easier than ever thanks to smartcards or mobile apps.

Find out more about tickets and savings on the bus operators' own websites:

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Catching the bus is as simple as ever!

Technology may have changed, but the act of catching the bus hasn't - you still head to the bus stop and put your hand out when a bus comes if you want it to stop. You can check the details of your journey online before you leave, cutting down on waiting time. You can also buy your tickets in advance, although cash is still accepted on all services. If you're not sure if you've got the right bus, just ask the driver - they'll be happy to help.