Clean Air Day

17 June 2021 was Clean Air Day and your chance to raise awareness about air pollution and make the air that we breathe cleaner and healthier!

In the UK, the transport sector is the biggest source of greenhouse gases that are contributing to the global climate emergency. The toxic air pollution produced by road traffic damages our health and is responsible for 36,000 deaths in the UK each year. Wouldn’t it be great if streets were more about people and less about cars? Less traffic means cleaner air and reduced carbon emissions. Quiet streets are safer with more room for people to enjoy the outdoors. 

Personal Air Pollution Calculator

Investigate how your air pollution footprint compares to the national average by using the Global Action Plan Air Pollution Calculator.


Clean Air Day for Workplaces   

Click here to download a free Resource Pack full of ideas to improve air quality at your workplace.





Clean Air Day for Community Groups

Click here to download a free Resource Pack full of ideas 

for your community group.





Clean Air Day for Schools

This year, with generous support from Active Nation, we offered KS2 and KS3 pupils the chance to win tickets for fun, outdoor activities such as climbing and donutting. We invited students to develop campaign materials to encourage people to leave their cars at home whenever possible and make streets more people-friendly.

The primary school category winners were three teams of Year 4 pupils from Westfields Junior School in Yateley who are obviously very concerned about the climate emergency and the state of our planet;

A great poem by Jacob, Dylan, Danny and Lillie and T-shirt design by Lorenzo, Benjamin, Sebastian and George 

and a fabulous flipbook from Zoe, Jess and Abigail.


The winners of the secondary school category were students from Brune Park School in Gosport:

Molly and Megan (Year 11) made a funny video with a serious message,  showing a news report about the health impacts of pollution from road traffic. 

In Year 7, Mia and Bethan made a great colourful poster about People-friendly Streets and Nola, Alfie, Layton and Lyla made an informative flyer design:





Even though Clean Air Day 2021 is over for this year, you can still see the My Journey educational resource pages or click on these images to download free resource packs, and find great ways to help make the air cleaner at your school.








More free My Journey Clean Air Day resources to download: 

We have new 'no idling' banners suitable for use outside businesses, community centres or secondary schools and colleges:

Contact if you would like us to send you one.


More ideas and free resources for Clean Air Day may also be found on the Global Action Plan

Clean Air Day, Clean Air for Schools and #cleanairforschools websites.


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