Clever Heads have busy legs

Well done in taking the first step in finding out how you can get more control over your journeys, get fitter and even save money!

When walking and cycling you know exactly how long your journey will take; no need to worry about traffic slowing your journey down or trying to find parking spaces. Check out the links below for information about the services available to you so you can walk and cycle more often. There's lots of opportunities to walk and cycle and we've brought them altogether in one place to make life easier for you. There's details about free services such as led rides and walks where we are working with local community groups. There's also opportunities to get involved in Women Only rides to help improve your skills and confidence.

Walking Five A Day challenge

You can also get involved in our Walking Five A Day challenge using the downloadable chart below. Simply tick off what you've achieved each day and at the end of the week, share it with us on Facebook to win prizes. Terms and Conditions for our Five a Day Challenge available here.

Inspire Others

Did you know by sharing your photos with us on Facebook and Twitter other people just like you will choose to walk and cycle more often. If you would also like to be a case study please click here

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