Women's Learn to Ride

Through the support of the West Itchen Community Trust and TUVAA (The United Voice of Africa Associations) My Journey has been able to establish women-only Learn to Ride sessions.

These sessions have been established to benefit women who live in inner city areas in Southampton, most notably St Mary's, Northam, Kingsland and those who live in Albion Towers. Participants come from a wide range of countries, such as Afghanistan, Yemen, India and Africa. Most of them have never ridden a bike before now.

Kiran is one such participant who recently learnt to ride with the support of the group. 

She says: “I now have the confidence to cycle on the roads and I feel empowered to buy a bicycle of my own. That’s my goal – to get a bike to help transport me to my work. I’m looking into getting a folding bike, so I can store it in my flat and take it wherever I want!”  You can read her inspiring story in full here.

If you are a woman living in these areas and you are interested in getting involved, please contact Ruth Magennis on 07467336197 or email ruth.magennis@cyclinguk.org to find out if we have space in any of the sessions.