Clean Air Day - Southampton Schools

Clean Air Day is the UK’s largest air pollution campaign. It is our chance to raise awareness about air pollution and make the air that we breathe cleaner and healthier!

In the UK, the transport sector is the biggest source of greenhouse gases that are contributing to global climate change. Clean Air Day encourages schools to learn about air pollution and take practical, accessible and positive actions. By working together and taking small steps, our collective action can create big changes. 

Small steps do = BIG changes!



Clean Air Day takes place on Thursday 15th June 2023, schools can sign up now to receive a pack of promotional and in-class resources for use in Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3.

Southampton Schools can register for Clean Air Day 2023 by emailing 

(Please include "CAD23 Registration" as the subject line)

Registration closes on Tuesday 13th June 2023.

The Clean Air Action Pledge

This year we are encouraging school pupils and staff to make a Clean Air Action Pledge! These pledges will be part of the competition entry for both pupils and schools.  

A pledge is a promise or intention to do something, in this case, an action that will help to improve air quality such as walking to school, turning off a car engine off when stationary or swapping a car journey for the bus.

The Competitions

Pupil competition

Pupils will be asked to make a Clean Air Action Pledge, an action that they can do that will help to improve air quality. They will fill in a Clean Air Action Pledge card, which includes two additional questions about what they have learnt from taking part in Clean Air Day and how their pledge will improve air quality. Schools can choose whether to complete the pledge cards as a class activity and pupils then take them home or whether to send them home for the pupils to complete with their parent or carer. Completed Clean Air Action Pledge cards can then be submitted by the parent or carer for the competition.

School competition

We are asking school staff to be ambassadors and lead the way for pupils and make a Clean Air Action Pledge too. These can then be displayed in the school or a creative pledge collage created. To enter the competition schools will submit a photo of the staff pledges along with an explanation of how taking part in Clean Air Day 2023 has benefited, or will benefit, the school community. 

Competition entry forms for pupils and schools will be available on this webpage. All entries must be submitted by Friday 30th June 2023.

Competition Submissions

Please send your competition submissions, for both the pupil and school competitions, to