Social distancing on the school run - Hampshire

Active travel and social distancing

Your school will be putting in place arrangements to enable social distancing on the school site.

Families too have a key role to play. Active travel (walking, scooting or cycling) on the school run is also a key tool for many schools in reducing the number of cars in the vicinity of the school. This, in turn, supports social distancing and makes it a safer place to be. It is also beneficial to the health and wellbeing of children and their families, as well as to the air that we all breathe.

Many families have already been walking, cycling and scooting more whilst the roads have been quieter and as part of their daily exercise. Over the next few weeks and months, it is an ideal opportunity for families to consider their journey to school, and whether they could travel actively for some or all of the route, or even look at an alternative route that maybe quieter and less congested.

Hampshire’s My Journey team is able to work with schools to promote active travel, where it’s safe and possible to do so, through a range of resources and support.

We have created a page for parents which includes information on walking for wellbeing and cycling. Please also see our How could you travel to school? booklet which can support you in planning your active journey to school and our new Transition materials for pupils starting a new school in Year R, Year 3 and Year 7.

Many of our existing resources, and those of our partners Living Streets and Sustrans, can also be viewed on our website.

Sustrans has put together the following useful guide to help families enjoy a safer, more spacious environment on the school run:

Back to School Guide for Parents

Other social distancing support available from HCC

Of course, for some schools, the suggestions above may not be sufficient to enable social distancing, due to a range of factors. The County Council and your district council are therefore able to provide additional support in a number of ways:

  • Should you need temporary physical improvements / measures to enable social distancing on key routes to school, then you can identify these issues via an online tool called Commonplace. It’s very simple to stick a pin in the location of concern, select the description of the issue, how much of an issue it is for social distancing and what solution would make a difference. These will then be considered alongside other comments/suggestions put forward across the County. To access the tool and find out more about the process, please visit our website.
  • Maintenance matters on your routes to school, such as overgrown vegetation, damaged footpaths, potholes, blocked drains, broken or damaged street lights or signs can all be reported online.
  • Issues with dog fouling, broken glass, or fly tipping can be reported to your local district council.