Clean Air Scooter Challenge

The Clean Air Scooter Challenge - Monday 12th to Friday 16th June 2023

Clean Air Scooter Challenge

This annual event, provides schools with a great opportunity to encourage their pupils to scoot and have the chance to win some great prizes.

Why scoot? Why not?! Scooting is fun and great exercise. Plus, for those who live too far to scoot all the way to school, scooters are compact enough to fit in the car. This allows parents to park 5-10 minutes away from the school site so children can scoot from the boot.



Hampshire Schools - sign up now for the Clean Air Scooter Challenge 2023

​Please register your school by Wednesday 7 June 2023 to receive resources and competition details by email.


The Challenge

The Clean Air Scooter Challenge takes place in June each year to support National Clean Air Day.

Schools that register to take part will be provided with resources to encourage as many pupils as possible to scoot and travel actively. As the challenge week encompasses Clean Air Day there is a focus on air quality and the benefits of scooting and active travel.

Visit Clean Air Day for more information about how KS2 and KS3 pupils can get involved in this event.


The Competition

There are some fantastic prizes to be won in the ‘Flags of the World’ scooter competition. Schools can win a Scooterpod, scooter equipment or Treasure Trails vouchers.

This year, children are asked to safely decorate their scooters to become bright, colourful ‘Flags of the World’. This could be linked to a school topic or perhaps, as we look forward to the FIFA Women's World Cup, children could find out about the countries taking part and choose a favourite.

To enter the competition, schools will be asked to submit a photo of their 'Flags of the World' scooters and tell us at least three benefits of scooting the children have identified during the challenge week. The photo could show a selection of colourful scooters, a photo of them all on parade or maybe a creative display of the scooters.


'Flags of the World' scooters 

Here are a few ideas to help make your scooter into a spectacular 'Flags of the World' scooter.

  • Create bunting for your scooter handlebars. Choose a flag shape below and click to open a template to print. You could colour or use collage to create the flags, or you may like to design your own flags to add to your scooter.
  • If you are looking forward to the FIFA Women's World Cup this Summer, you may like to choose a participating country and add their flag to your scooter. Alternatively, you could decorate your scooter to represent the host countries, Australia and New Zealand.
  • Add ribbon or wool pom poms using the colours of your chosen flags.



Other useful scooting information and resources

Air Quality – Resources and information about air quality and The Clean Air project.

A Wild Walk to School - For KS1, this book focuses on the air quality benefits of travelling actively to school. The story demonstrates an active journey to school enables time to be spent looking at nature.


A Right Royal AdventureFor KS2, the story focuses on the history of air quality and how we can influence the future.



My Journey Scooter Challenge StickersA sheet of fun Scooter Challenge stickers featuring our scooting and wheeling birds. The sheet is compatible with Avery L7161 label template.

My Journey Scooting Film - Meet Baron Karl Von Drais de Saurbrun, who invented the 'street walker' in 1817. He speaks on the importance of making a positive environmental difference in your local community and how greater exercise and active travel can benefit all.

Scooter Training – The Scooter Challenge could be a great opportunity to do some scooter training in school, try out these in-school scooter training guidelines for teachers.

Scooting to School – Includes some top tips to share with pupils for scooting safely.

Start Scooting – A great information sheet from Sustrans about getting going with scooting.


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