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Walktober, run annually since 2016 by the Travel Planning Team at Hampshire County Council, is a challenge held each October to celebrate and focus the mind on International Walk to School Month. 

A fantastic 163 schools signed up in total in 2020. That's a staggering 61,225 pupils and 7,466 staff who got involved last year. Click here to check if your school was among them and see below the schools signed up to this year's event.

We are all more aware than ever that exercising and spending time outside enjoying your surroundings is great, if not essential, for your wellbeing. That is what the Walktober challenge is all about: walking to improve your wellbeing.

Walktober supports Hampshire and the NHS’s Five Steps to Wellbeing as evidence suggests that these are the five steps that we can all take to improve our mental wellbeing:

Connect, Be Active, Keep Learning, Give to Others and Be Mindful

Walktober is open to all primary and secondary schools in Hampshire and registration and all resources are free of charge.

We just ask that schools commit to showing the launch assembly PowerPoint to pupils on Friday 1st October (or before) and sharing the focus week resources with all teaching staff and pupils.

Schools and pupils are invited to enter our Walktober competitions too - see below for details. We would also like to encourage you to take the opportunity to "give to others" during the month, either through fundraising activities or by reaching out to those in need in your local community. Again, ideas to inspire will be included in the Walktober materials.

Four focus weeks for 2021

We are changing the structure of Walktober 2021 so that each week offers a new focus for schools and families. The challenge will work as follows:

Friday 1st October: Walktober launch day

Short PowerPoint presentation to be provided for sharing during school assemblies or tutor time.

Week 1 (4-10 October): Keep Active - Stay Safe

Activities will focus on safety for pedestrians, those on scooters and bikes during Hampshire's Walk to School Week

Week 2 (11-18 October): Moving Mindfully

Seven days worth of mindful challenges to focus on your inner self

Week 3 (18-24 October):  Exercise your Creativity

A selection of outdoor art and photography activities 

Week 4 (25-31 October - Half Term): Family Fun across the Finish Line

Outside activities to do with family and friends during the half-term holidays

What does your school need to do during Walktober?

Walktober means encouraging your school community to walk as much as possible during the month: to and from school or work, but also trying to find other opportunities to enjoy spending time outside.

Registrants for the event will receive a link to an age-appropriate on-line pack of information containing lots of ideas for use in school and at home throughout the month to make time spent outdoors more interesting and fulfilling. This should be shared with your school community.



Registration for Walktober 2021 is now closed

All resources were emailed out to registered schools and included:

  • For schools, a short PowerPoint for staff to launch the initiative in school on Friday 1st October
  • For schools and families, lots of ideas to use during each of the focus weeks to encourage pupils to spend more time enjoying the great outdoors


Walktober Competitions*

There will be prizes offered to schools who let us know what they have done to encourage their pupils to participate in Walktober - they must commit to showing the launch assembly to pupils and sharing the resources with staff and families.

Competition for pupils and their families:

Primary pupils' competition: enter by clicking on this link

Send us an image entitled “A wellbeing wonder”, of an activity done or artwork made during Walktober that benefited your wellbeing. Prizes include entry to the Enchanted Light Trail at Staunton Farm, a family pass to the Winchester Science Centre and Hampshire Outdoor Centre vouchers.

Secondary pupil's competition: see the Walktober for Secondary page

Details of prizes and the competition entry form for secondary pupils are available on the Walktober for Secondary page.

Schools competition: enter by clicking on this link

Schools can win an Outdoor & Educational Visit Leader course for a staff member delivered by the HCC Outdoor Education Team or a day of games-based mindfulness sessions for pupils delivered by The Mind Runner.

All competition entries must be submitted by Friday 5th November 2021.


* Please see the Travel Planning competition terms here.


Walktober 2021 is supported by Hampshire County Council and Hampshire Outdoors Education and features mindful activities by The Mindful Runner



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