STARS accreditation levels

Once your school is signed up to Modeshift STARS and you are ready to get started there are five levels of accreditation that you can achieve:



Approved Travel Plan - Green Award

For schools who intend to develop a STARS travel plan and can demonstrate that they have planned travel and supporting initiatives recorded. 


Good Travel Plan - Bronze Award

For schools that demonstrate a commitment to promoting sustainable transport by conducting an annual survey, identifying travel issues and solutions and delivering a range of travel initiatives.



Very Good Travel Plan - Silver Award

For schools that achieve a reduction in car use on the journey to school, deliver a whole-school approach and deliver above and beyond what is normally expected of a school.



Excellent Travel Plan - Gold Award

For schools that have excelled with promoting sustainable travel and achieved a noticeable reduction in car use on the journey to school by fully embracing sustainable travel as the norm throughout the entire school community.



Outstanding Travel Plan - Platinum Award

For schools who have achieved gold and can demonstrate that active modes of travel, e.g. walking/wheeling, cycling and scooting, have been increased by at least 5% within 4 years.



For more information or support please contact the Travel Planning Team