ICT Primary School curriculum materials




Sustainable Travel link

Document created


Foundation stage

Using technology for purposes

Using cameras to take pictures of each other on scooters and cycles.

Lesson plan



Creating, storing and retrieving data

Activity suggestions such as using pedometers & Roma, thinking about suitable routes using on-line mapping tools, collecting and analysing data, asking questions such as does the time of day affect how far we walk?

New curriculum objectives and  ST  links



Collecting, analysing  and evaluating data

New curriculum objectives and  ST links



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  • Getting around Hampshire has never been so easy with My Journey. Whether you’re looking for information on cycle routes to work, bus time tables for...
  • ROMANSE (ROad MANagement System for Europe) provides up to the minute traffic and travel information in and around the Hampshire area. If you car...
  • Air pollution is caused by natural and man-made particles and gases. Substances like pollen or emissions from industry, vehicles, buildings or...
  • Getting to school doesn’t need to be a stressful journey in a car; it can be much more fun to take your bike, walk, scoot or take a bus or train with...
  • There are many benefits to promoting active and sustainable travel at your workplace, including: reduced costs lower carbon emissions and...