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Foundation stage

Shapes, spaces and measures

2D shapes in vehicles

Using trikes & scooters

Counting laps round the playground

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Years 1/2


Measuring and planning playground space

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Position and direction

Moving themselves, others and programmable devices left and right, forward and backwards

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Lower KS2 Years 3/4

Data handling

Pictograms, bar graphs, tally charts. Use of scale. Converting tally charts to bar charts

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Measuring how fast you can travel - ride, scoot, walk - in a given time. Playground length, perimeter & area measurement. Playground planning project (layout, pricing, budget, special offers)

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Position and direction

Investigating angles including right angles, experimenting with turns (90°, 180°, 270°, 360°, ¼, ½, ¾ and whole), positions (left, right, forwards and backwards) and lines (horizontal, vertical, diagonal, perpendicular and parallel) in various contexts

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Upper KS2 Years 5/6


Interpreting line graphs; completing, reading and interpreting information on timetables including bus and rail timetables; representation of data, surveying, data collection and presentation;  making connections between data and coordinates, scales and graphs

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