Havant Schools aiming to find a pollution solution!

Havant Schools aiming to find a pollution solution!

Four schools in Havant are testing local air quality to highlight the pollution caused by school run traffic.

Barncroft Primary, Trosnant Juniors, Bosmere Juniors, and Hart Plain Juniors are all involved in the Hampshire County Council initiative, during which air pollution is being monitored using equipment donated by Havant Borough Council.

Schools are measuring nitrogen dioxide; a harmful pollutant emitted by vehicles. In early February, monitoring equipment was placed around the schools; near vehicle drop-off points and in locations more isolated from cars and traffic.

The readings will be analysed, with help from Havant Borough Council, and are expected to show the impact school runs have on the local environment.

Each school will use their findings to plan an air quality campaign that will encourage parents to limit pollution during their journey to school.

It is hoped this campaign will motivate parents and students to consider more environmentally friendly options, such as walking and cycling, when travelling to and from school.