Leesland Primary School become sporting heroes for the day!

Federation of Leesland C of E Schools in Gosport has been rewarded for their success in encouraging parents to leave the cars at home for the school run during Walk to School week.
The schools are working towards Bronze Modeshift STARS Award and have achieved a joint 6% reduction in car use in the last year on the journey to school by fully embracing sustainable travel. This has involved a number of initiatives including Bikeability training, installing cycle and scooter storage and building a new path to the school.

The path was created because there was a missing link across Leesland Park to enable children to have a traffic free route onto Daisy Lane. For those who have to drive, they can now be dropped off in parallel roads and walk along the new path and into the school.

To reward the school for their hard work in increasing children’s awareness of alternative ways to travel, families took part in a Histrionics’ ‘British sporting heroes’ themed walk to
highlight the number of children who walk to school and to motivate others to join in.

Walk to School Week is supported by Hampshire County Council’s Road Safety team and national charity, ‘Living Streets’. According to the charity, by walking to school, parents say they find the journey to school less stressful, their petrol bill goes down, their children perform better at school, and both they and their children feel healthier and fitter. Find out more click here.

For more information on how My Journey Hampshire’s school travel team can support your school, pre-school or college on sustainable travel initiatives , please visit our Education pages.

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