Millbrook Roundabout works entering final phase

The major project on Millbrook Roundabout will be switching to its fourth and final phase this weekend - over a week earlier than expected. The changeover to phase four is planned to happen on Saturday 23 February between 8pm and 6am.

Favourable weather conditions and good planning have allowed Balfour Beatty, Southampton City Council's Highways partner, to deal with any challenges quickly and to bring the switchover date forward.

Phase four has been planned to take up to six weeks, completing by 7 April 2019. This final phase will require the closure of the southwest section of the roundabout and the northbound section of First Avenue up to the entrance to the Household Waste & Recycling Centre (see map below).

To familiarise yourself with the diversion in place during phase four, watch this useful video demonstrating the official route and for further information about the works, click here.

Don't forget: we have plenty of top tips to help you travel with minimum inconvenience during the works. Click here to find out more.