National Commute Smart Week

This Sunday (12 November 2017) marks the start of National Commute Smart Week – the annual winter initiative from WorkWise UK, designed to help businesses re-think their flexibility in the way employees work.

Commute Smart Week provides a real opportunity to revise tired working practices like the fixed 9 – 5, and instead think about how and where people can work. 

The key elements of Commute Smart Week are:

  • Smarter Working:  e.g. Flexible working hours, Home/remote working, condensed working hours and four day working weeks.
  • Encouraging Employees to travel outside peak commuting times: Coming into work an hour early, and leaving an hour early – or going in an hour later and leaving an hour later.
  • Remote & Agile Working:  Working from home or encouraging people to use satellite offices instead of travelling to their normal office. These could include serviced office space or Wi-Fi hot spots such as coffee shops, and hotels.
  • Virtual Meetings:   Encouraging people to hold a meeting by telephone, telephone/video conference or online instead of travelling to a meeting.
  • Health, Fitness and Wellbeing Benefits
  • Road Congestion and Safety:  Statistics show that more accidents happen on a Friday, and particularly between the hours of 4 pm and 6 pm, than at any other time. The statistics also show that the number of accidents jumps by up to a fifth in the winter compared to the summer.

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