Scooter Challenge 2017 dates announced!

The ever popular Scooter Challenge is back again for 2017. Entering the challenge gives your school a chance to win one of our Scooterpods and one of your pupils a chance to win a family day out. More than 20,000 children have taken part in the Scooter Challenge since 2012. Could it be your school’s turn to win this year?

The challenge

To get as many children as possible scooting to and from school every day from 19-23 June 2017. The school with the highest average number of children scooting will win a Scooterpod. Everyone participating will receive a My Journey sticker and two lucky pupils with the highest number of scooter journeys that week will win a family day out in Hampshire.

What does school need to do?

To register your school and receive your challenge pack, please contact us. Having confirmed your registration, a few weeks before the challenge we will send you a .pdf flier to email to parents to let them know about the challenge, an A3 poster which you can print out and display at school and a sheet for each class to record their scoot count for the five days. All you need to do is ask each class teacher to record which children in their class travelled to school on a scooter (or bike - 2 wheels are better than 4) each morning. Then fill in the summary sheet with your results and email it back to the School Travel Plan Team the following week so we can announce the winners! Deadline for entry: Friday 26th May 2017.

Scooter safety: Top scooting tips to share with your pupils

Here are some top tips to share for keeping safe whilst scooting to school:

  1. Pedestrians have priority on the pavement
  2. Stay close to your parent/carer
  3. Be aware of other people using the pavement and be polite and considerate to them
  4. Take extra care when crossing vehicle entrance/exit points e.g. driveways, and remember that the person there first (car driver, cyclist, pedestrian etc.) has priority
  5. Keep away from the kerb
  6. Look all around before you start moving, stop moving or change direction, and look where you are going
  7. Wear a helmet and bright, fluorescent clothing to ensure you can be seen
  8. Walk with your scooter when crossing the road, in crowded areas or other busy areas e.g. the school playground
  9. Carry your things in a rucksack, not balanced on the handlebars
  10. The Highway Code tells us that the speed limit on pavements is 4mph

Good luck and we hope your pupils have fun scooting!

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