Scooter Challenge 2017 - Scoot from the boot

Scooter Challenge 2017 - Scoot from the boot

Scooting to school can help reduce congestion and pollution in the local area making it a nicer place to live and learn. Children can scoot from their home directly to school or put their scooters in the boot, park and scoot the rest of the journey to school.

It is particularly good for families that live a long way from school and find it difficult to travel actively the whole way. It is a brilliant way to encourage families to add some exercise to their journey to school, as well as providing some valuable social and family time.  It also makes the school gate a safer place to be.

If your children’s school has a Park and Stride site, why not suggest families scoot from the boot from there or, alternatively, park on a friend’s drive who lives 5-10 minutes walk away that has available parking and safe places to cross.

Visit our Education pages or email us for further support on scooting to school safely and finding and setting up a Park and Stride site for your children’s school.

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