This Girl Can partner with British Cycling

This Girl Can has teamed up with British Cycling to target the historic gender gap in cycling participation and get more women on two wheels.

The national governing body’s HSBC UK Breeze campaign is specifically aimed at women and provides hundreds of free rides up and down the country.

And now, This Girl Can is on board to bring together the expertise of both organisations and help show women that cycling is an option for them.

Taking the form of short films and imagery, all in the eye-catching style of previous This Girl Can activity, this new campaign aims to grow the 250,000 people that HSBC UK Breeze has already attracted since its 2011 launch.

This Girl Can was created to show women that, regardless of age, background, fitness, or experience, everyone can get active.

This message is hoped to inspire more women to get active by riding a bike, with particular focus placed on the HSBC UK Breeze programme.

The collaboration follows last week’s news that 61% of mums feel guilty about taking time to exercise and that mothers have a greater impact on their children’s future activity levels – partly through setting an example and prioritising exercise in their own lives.

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