Visit the FREE Bike Doctor in Portsmouth

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To help keep your bike on the road, we're offering free Bike Doctor clinics.  They provide check-ups and basic repairs to your cycle.

Bike Doctor clinics are currently running:

  • Each Wednesday from 10am - 4pm in Commercial Road, Portsmouth (by the fountain).

  • Lidl in London Road, North End from 10am - 4pm

    • Monday 10 September

    • Monday 24 September 

    • Monday 1 October

  • Every third Monday from 10am - 4pm in Cosham High Street

    • Monday 17 September

    • Monday 15 October

    • Monday 19 November

    • Monday 17 December

    • Monday 21 January 2019

    • Monday 18 February 2019

The Bike Doctor team are experienced bike mechanics, and will check everything on your bike from wheels to gears, and brakes to brake lights. Any minor adjustments or basic repairs can be made there and then. If they can't fix it immediately, they will let you know exactly what needs doing and an approximate cost.

It's important to keep your bike in good working order. Make sure that: 

  • It's the correct size for comfort and safety

  • Both tyres are inflated properly and have good tread

  • The chain is oiled and properly adjusted

  • Brakes work and the brake pads aren't worn

  • Reflectors and lights are fitted and working. All bikes must have a rear reflector and pedal reflectors fitted by law, and working front and rear lights during the hours of darkness, so remember to keep them clean!

For further information email