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Foundation stage

Control and co- ordination

Using cycles and scooters in outdoor areas. Turning, stopping and following a simple route

Included in all other lessons


KS1 and KS2

Develop balance, agility and co- ordination.

Participate in outdoor and adventurous activity

Hampshire County Council initiatives (such as scooter and cycle training); Setting stamina challenges for walking and running (Milestones Club, Stepping Out & Route Running) – links to Healthy Schools projects and WOW initiatives; PE & physical activity across the curriculum; General activity suggestions; Playtime suggestions

Activity ideas



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  • Getting around Hampshire has never been so easy with My Journey. Whether you’re looking for information on cycle routes to work, bus time tables for...
  • ROMANSE (ROad MANagement System for Europe) provides up to the minute traffic and travel information in and around the Hampshire area. If you car...
  • Air pollution is caused by natural and man-made particles and gases. Substances like pollen or emissions from industry, vehicles, buildings or...
  • Getting to school doesn’t need to be a stressful journey in a car; it can be much more fun to take your bike, walk, scoot or take a bus or train with...
  • There are many benefits to promoting active and sustainable travel at your workplace, including: reduced costs lower carbon emissions and...