Becoming a My Journey Workplace

By rethinking the way you travel for business, it is possible to save time and money

You can boost your profitability and competitiveness by reducing car use and choosing smarter, cleaner travel for more business journeys. Our team is ready to help you transform the way your staff commute and travel for business. Ask us for advice on what to do next, and join our Travel Planners Forum for support and networking. 

Employer benefits

  • Reduced car parking costs
  • Reduced demand on car parking
  • Reduced on-site congestion and pollution
  • Improved visitor/delivery access
  • Increased travel choices to site
  • Healthier, happier workforce
  • Better staff recruitment and retention

Employee benefits

  • Cheaper travel to work
  • More travel options to suit you
  • Improved transport infrastructure
  • Better cycling and walking facilities
  • Healthier lifestyle
  • More flexible work practices
  • Time savings

More reasons to change

  • Efficiency savings: The Royal Bank of Scotland saved £70k per annum on travel expenses after investing in teleconferencing facilities as part of their travel plan.
  • Healthier and more productive workforce: The British Medical Association has stated that 40 minutes of physical activity per week can reduce workplace absenteeism by 50%. Travelling actively to work reduces stress and the risk of chronic disease, improves staff well-being and therefore increases productivity.
  • Improved corporate, social responsibility (CSR): By encouraging sustainable and physically active travel modes, your business portrays a distinct message of sustainability which clearly demonstrates your commitment to CSR.
  • Reduced staff-turnover and improved customer experience: By increasing accessibility to the workplace and alleviating pressure on parking facilities, you improve the recruitment range and retention rate of employees, and make it easier for customers to access your site.
  • Reduce carbon emissions: You can use travel planning activities as evidence towards achieving or maintaining ISO 14001 environment standard accreditation. Such accreditation could also lead to greater business opportunities.
  • Business travel: Encouraging staff to travel in a more sustainable way makes good business sense. Through reduced risk of accidents, greater staff time utilisation (if staff were able to work whilst travelling). 

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