Get Cycle Savvy Pit Stop

To help your employees choose the right bike, ensure it is safe to ride, feel confident cycling on the road and discover new routes, we can bring the 'Get Cycle Savvy Pit Stop' to your workplace.




Get Cycle Savvy was a campaign by My Journey Communications Team to help Southampton residents choose the right bike, ensure it is safe to ride, feel confident cycling on the road, and discover new routes. This included online “how-tos” and case study videos. The Cycle Savvy Pit Stop aims to build on this and bring these opportunities to life in different parts of the city, by expanding the existing Bike Doctor service. The Pit Stop always consists of:

  • Bike Doctor: mechanics who will give bikes a tune up and fix any issues for free (ex. Parts). They can also give advice on maintenance
  • Try-a-bike: a selection of bikes to try at the event which could include: cargo bikes, e-bikes, folding bikes, step-thrus, and tandem…


Depending on location, target audience and amount of notice there may also be:

  • Free NHS health checks for staff from Southampton Healthy Living or Active Nation
  • Guided rides for members of staff, which would be a great wellbeing lunch time activity
  • Bike maintenance workshops
  • FREE staff cycle confidence sessions
  • Smoothie bikes
  • Cycle racing simulators, great for internal departments competition




While the Bike Doctor can be really useful for those of us already cycling regularly and can help keep existing cyclists on the road, unfortunately it doesn’t really generate new cyclists. The idea behind the Cycle Savvy Pit Stop is to help non/infrequent cyclists find the right bike for them and gain the confidence to cycle for short trips in the city. Those who do cycle are still welcome to the Pit Stop of course!

The exact offer is slightly different depending on the workplace, the site/location and the audience.



The My Journey Workplace Team have hosted Cycle Savvy Pit Stop events at various businesses, such as The White Building, Westquay Shopping Centre, Association of British Ports Southampton, Southampton Airport etc.



Please contact the My Journey Workplaces team to check availability.


Note: We must stress that the Cycle Savvy Pit Stop is a FREE resource to businesses. It is expected that any business that books a Pit Stop session promotes the event internally to staff to encourage maximum participation from your employees. Below is an example of how The White Building used one of our posters to make staff aware of the event.



Please get in touch!