Love to Ride Southampton

Southampton workplaces and employees can register on Love to Ride for some fun, free, friendly competition to see who can get the most staff to cycle. It's a great opportunity to raise the profile of cycling in Southampton and remind friends, family and colleagues how enjoyable and rewarding riding a bike can be. Love to Ride runs various challenges over the year offering prizes for workplaces and individuals who cycle regularly.

Find out more and register on Love to Ride. 


#ChooseCycling for Bike Month!

Love to Ride are launching Bike Month this June to help as many people as possible #ChooseCycling for exercise and transport.

The UK Government has placed cycling at the centre of plans to get the country moving again. Cycling is recommended for daily exercise and as the best mode of transport to maintain distancing and avoid congestion for essential journeys.

Join Bike Month to help the UK recover from the coronavirus crisis, support Bikes for Key Workers initiatives, have some fun and win prizes. 

Read our adviceset a goal for Bike Month and share your stories about how you’re keeping active.

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Biking in the Coronavirus Era

We've launched a new website as a guide for biking in the Coronavirus Era with all the information you need:


Why take part?

There are a bike load of reasons to participate:

  1. Achieve your cycling goals - use Bike Month as motivation to enjoy riding more. Set goals, earn badges, cheer each other on, and enjoy some friendly rivalry with your friends, neighbours, and colleagues
  2. You want a bike-friendly world – Show your support for cycling and a healthier, happier world
  3. Win prizes - We've got some great prizes that you can win by participating
  4. Compete on leaderboards - if a little friendly competition gets your legs cranking, then we have a host of leaderboards for you to enjoy
  5. Enjoy building community - connect with your friends, colleagues and fellow riders. Share your stories and photos and encourage each other to enjoy riding
  6. Get ready for the main event - Cycle September - the Global Bike Challenge - will see workplaces worldwide competing to see which can get the most people to try riding a bike

Get yourself signed-up

How can I take part?

  1. As an individual
  2. As a group (of friends, social riding group, cycling club, etc.)
  3. As a workplace
  4. All of the above :-)


Check out all the great prizes you can win here!



You can use one of the following apps:

  • Strava
  • MapMyRide
  • Endomondo
  • The Love to Ride app

Connect an app here.

You can also log your rides manually. This is quick to do on your profile.

Why join Love to Ride?

We know that riding a bike has huge benefits for individuals, workplaces and communities. So we provide the tools and support to help you and your friends, colleagues, and family to start riding, or to ride more often, and experience the joys and benefits of riding.

Love to Ride offers a single platform where you can keep track of your riding, find answers and resources to help you ride more confidently, win prizes for riding and encourage your friends and colleagues to ride (and win prizes for that too!).

Help us spread the love of riding by combining our platform and programmes with your enthusiasm for cycling.

Got more questions?

Check out our frequently asked questions here



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