Sustainable City Expo - 12 September 2018

On Wednesday 12 September 2018, My Journey held its first Sustainable City Expo at NST City Theatre. The event brought local businesses together to be inspired by the opportunities for transformation in our towns and cities.

The day included a series of inspiring talks from Allison Dutoit, Urban Expert at Gehl Architects; Steve Quartermain, Chief Executive of the Planning Inspectorate in central Government; and Mike Harris, Chief Executive of Southampton City Council. Delegates were also able to chat to industry experts and experience a range of products contributing to a greener future.

The day proved a great success, with 76% of delegates surveyed agreeing that the expo inspired them in getting their organisation to be more sustainable.

"Wow!! Allison Dutoit of Gehl Architects. How Copenhagen became a cycling city. Southampton next?" Future South

97% of delegates surveyed agreed that the expo encouraged them to collaborate and network with others to work together towards a more sustainable future.

92% of delegates surveyed agreed that the expo made them more aware of sustainable services and initiatives available in Southampton.