Clean Air Day - Workplace and Community

Clean Air Day is our chance to raise awareness about air pollution and make the air that we breathe cleaner and healthier!

In the UK, the transport sector is the biggest source of greenhouse gases that are contributing to the global climate emergency. The toxic air pollution produced by road traffic damages our health and is responsible for 36,000 deaths in the UK each year. Wouldn’t it be great if streets were more about people and less about cars? Less traffic means cleaner air and reduced carbon emissions. Quiet streets are safer with more room for people to enjoy the outdoors.

Read on to find more information, resources and ideas one how Workplaces and Community Groups can help to reduce air pollution.  

Personal Air Pollution Calculator

Ever been curious about how your lifestyle choices might effect air quality? Investigate how your air pollution footprint compares to the national average by using the Air Pollution calculator produced by Global Action Plan:

Global Action Plan Air Pollution Calculator.

Clean Air Day- Workplaces and Communities

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Clean Air Day- Schools

We have a separate page dedicated to Clean Air Day for Schools.

Please click here to find out more for Hampshire Schools.

Please click here to find out more for Southampton Schools.