Eastleigh Car Club

Are you a car owner?  Do you only drive occasionally, or is running a car proving expensive for the miles you cover? Have you considered giving up your car but felt you still needed access to a car from time to time?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, Co-wheels Car Club can offer you a way of saving money and hassle on your driving. Eastleigh Borough Council and My Journey Hampshire have teamed up with Co-wheels Car Club to set up a car club in Eastleigh town centre.  We’ve recently added extra vehicles and are offering some special discounts to encourage residents to give it a try.

So what is a car club?

It’s an easy, convenient way of hiring a car at low cost for short periods, from as little as 15 minutes up to a few days. You only pay for the time and distance you actually use. 

With your own car, you have to have an insurance policy, keep the car taxed, serviced, maintained and it loses value. You may also need to pay for a parking permit. People who don’t need a car every day or who drive less than about 4,000 miles per year can save money by giving up (or not buying) their own car and using Co-wheels instead.

As well as saving money, with Co-wheels you can avoid some of the hassle that comes with owning a car. Co-wheels looks after maintenance and administration of the car. With Co-wheels, you can book online or over the phone with just a few minutes notice, and be on your way in a clean, modern, and well looked after car, parked in a bay near where you live.  When you’re done, just pop the car back in its bay!  

Why is Eastleigh Borough Council supporting this initiative?

Co-wheels provides pool cars at Eastleigh Borough Council’s new Eastleigh House office. Having pool cars means more of our staff can get to work by bike, train or bus, or car share, but still have access to a car so they can make site visits or attend meetings during the day. This helps to minimise the impact of our new office on the local road network.

By making these pool cars available to the public, we hope to widen the benefits of our move by providing Eastleigh residents with new travel options and an affordable alternative to owning their own car or second car which sees little use. Also, Co-wheels is a not for profit Social Enterprise company, meaning any profit that is made is reinvested into further improving the car club.

Introductory offer for Eastleigh residents

The idea of using a car club will be new for many people and we want to offer the opportunity to give Co-wheels a try at low cost, to see if it works for you. Therefore we are currently offering Eastleigh residents the following introductory package :

  • £5 Joining Fee – (Usually £25)
  • No Monthly membership for the first three months – (Usually £5 per month)
  • And £20 of Driving credit  – enough to cover, for example, two 2-hour bookings with 15 miles driving on each booking.

Find out more!

Find out more information about the Co-wheels car club online, by calling 0845 602 8030 or by emailing info@co-wheels.co.uk