Canny Commuting

How to be a Canny Commuter - webinar series

Our Canny Commuting webinars are half-hour lunchtime Zoom meet-ups, where each episode focuses on a different aspect of active and sustainable commuting. The hosts are some of our resident active commuters here in the My Journey team, who will be able to give you the benefit of their experience and answer your questions, so you can become a canny commuter too. 

Given that many of us are now considering a return to commuting for all or part of the week, we hope you will encourage your staff and colleagues to join the informal, friendly and chatty webinars (and webinar recordings).

Canny Commuting Series 1

The first five episodes focus on cycling. Here are the links to the recordings:  

  1. Check your bike is safe - Learn a few simple checks to be confident that your cycle is safe to ride before you set off. View the recording. 
  2. Finding your way - How to plan the safest, easiest and most enjoyable cycle route, using a selection of free online tools. View the recording.
  3. Arrive Smart -  How to walk or cycle to work without needing to shower or change when you arrive. View the recording.
  4. Carrying heavy stuff on a bike - How to walk or cycle with heavy objects that you need for work, such as laptops. View the recording.
  5. Fixing punctures - How to take the pain out of punctures, to get you back on the road as quickly and easily as possible. View the recording.

Canny Commuting Series 2

Sign up to attend the live webinars in series 2 using the links below. Please join us live if you can, to ask any questions you have.

6. Making your cycle comfortable - how to set up your cycle so that riding is easy and comfortable. View the recording.  

7. Linking up with the train - combining walking or cycling with the train for longer distances. View the recording.

8. Getting the bus - learn from bus passengers why it works to let someone else do the driving. View the recording.

9. Cycling superpowers - hints and tips for feeling confident cycling on the road. View the recording.

10. Get ready for Winter - be ready to carry on cycling as the nights draw in. View the recording.