Bike maintenance guides

For safe and happy cycling, it is important to understand how to check your bicycle you set off on your journey and how to keep it maintained for optimum performance. Cycling UK has produced five guides on bike maintenance, designed to be downloaded to your phone for reference for wherever you travel. The guides cover everything from the basic checks you should carry out before setting off and the essential tools you should always carry, to how to fix a puncture and adjust your brake and gear cables. Please visit -


Routine Cycle Safety and Service Checks

A well-maintained bike is not only a pleasure to ride but safer and more reliable. Effective maintenance is an on-going process that keeps the machine in good working order, depending not simply on ‘scheduled’ activity such as an annual overhaul but on continual observation and immediate rectification when a problem arises.

Cycle Parts Safety Checklist:

  • Tyres
  • Brakes
  • Headset 
  • Wheels
  • Quick Release
  • Transmission
  • Handlebars/saddle

Hilary Hill is a local cycle repairer working alongside Cycle Alton if you would like to contact her for advice of servicing please email: