Cycling groups and clubs in Alton

Cycle Alton

Cycle Alton is for everyone who cycles in and around the town of Alton and the surrounding villages.

The group launched in May 2020, partly in response to the Covid-19 crisis, and partly with the aim of giving Alton’s bicycle users a campaigning voice for safer cycling and better cycling infrastructure. “Our main focus is on short trips made by utility cyclists and commuters, while promoting cycling as the natural choice for short journeys around the town, and to and from the villages. We believe increasing cycling in Alton will produce less congestion, noise, pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions, as well as a better environment for residents, businesses, and visitors.”

Cycle Alton's growing number of supporters include representatives from the five cycling groups in Alton, namely Cycling UK, Alton Cycling Club, U3A Social Cycling, Hearty Riders, and the White Hart Vueltas.

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Local Cycling Clubs

Alton Cycling Club - website: or email secretary at

Cycling UK North Hampshire - website: or email Janice at

U3A Social Cycling - website: or email Brian at

Hearty Riders - email Janet at

White Hart Vueltas - meet at the White Hart, Holybourne, at 6pm Fridays or 9am Sundays.