Top tips for cycling

If it has been a while since you last cycled or if you are going out on your bike for the first time, it can be both exciting and sometimes a little daunting. Here are a few top tips to help you into the saddle:  

  1. The first step is to make sure that you have the right bike (see ‘How to Choose the Right Bike’ section) and that your bike is safe (see the ‘Bike Maintenance Guides’ section)

There are lots of styles of bikes to suit every use whether you are a leisure, fitness, off-road, commuter cycler or are you just seeking a bike to ride with the kids. See Cycling UK’s website for a handy guide to choosing the right size bike -

  1. Watch Cycling UK’s how to teach an adult/child to ride a bike video

There are plenty of top tips from getting on and off your bike easily to demonstrating how to balance and ride unaided. Please visit

  1. Practice in your local park or garden

Anstey Park or Jubilee Fields in Alton are great places to practice and gain confidence in the saddle. Please be mindful of other park users and cars coming in and out of the car park.

  1. Learn how to fix a puncture and other basic maintenance

It is good to know how to look after your bike, especially learning how to fix a puncture. Make sure you always carry a cycle repair kit (tyre levers, new inner tube, puncture repair kit and pump). Please see the ‘Bike Maintenance Guide’ section.

  1. Ride safe and be seen.

One of the most important things is to stay safe on the roads. See our ‘Cycle Safety Advice’ section for tips on how to make yourself more visible on the roads.

  1. Wear comfortable clothing

Wear what you feel most comfortable in when cycling - but do try and avoid wearing overly loose or baggy clothing which might get trapped in your chain or wheels.

  1. Fuel Up

It is important to stay fuelled whilst you are on a ride to keep your energy levels up! Always take a water bottle to stay hydrated and a healthy snack if on a long ride.

  1. Keep your bike clean

Clean your bike regularly if you want it to last, a clean bike is also preferable if you need to make a repair such as if you get a puncture.

  1. Join a local cycling club

A cycling club is a fantastic way to meet people and will also help you learn some local routes. Most of the clubs will offer rides aimed at beginners, see our ‘Local Cycling Clubs’ section for details.

  1. Practice makes perfect

Everyone who cycles does so because they enjoy it and the more you practice the better you’ll get and the more confident you will be. Even just a short ride to the shops can help!

Find out more about how to get start cycling and cycling advice on Cycling UK’s website -