Electric bikes

Electric bikes are a great way to get around. Find out more about how they work, key features and what to consider if you're thinking of getting one.

What is an electric bike?

An electric bike, also known as an electric pedal-assisted bike (E-PAB) is a conventional bike with a fitted battery and electric motor that provides power to the rider. The motor provides power assistance only when the rider is pedalling. This makes it easier to start-off, climb hills and overcome strong winds.

Why use an electric bike?

The electric motor enables you to accelerate quicker and reach higher speeds, which can help you reach your destination or workplace more quickly, while preventing you from feeling tired and sweaty. Having power assistance allows you to climb steep hills and cover greater distances with much less effort. However that depends on the features of the electric bike you use.

Getting around town can be quicker. Less physical stress is placed on your joints and muscles, so it is less strenuous for people who may usually find cycling challenging. Electric bikes can improve your health; studies show that daily use of electric bikes can help meet physical activity guidelines for adults. Using an electric bike can also help you save money on fuel and maintenance costs associated with using a car.

Electric bike are also better for the environment, as electric bikes don’t release pollutants that can harm your health and contribute to climate change.

If you think an electric bike is right for you, find out how to get one.