Top tips for cycling

Make sure you have fun and stay safe with these simple tips:

Have fun

  • Enjoy it! Cycling is fantastic for pleasure, health and fitness
  • Plan your route - there will often be scenic routes and quiet routes to your destination. Take the time beforehand to explore and leave yourself plenty of time
  • Go at your own pace - take into account your own cycling ability and confidence and walk sections if you need to
  • Don’t feel that you need to start with 60-mile journeys. A cyclist who travels half a mile to the shop once a week is still a cyclist!

Stay safe

  • Run through some simple checks before you leave home - test your tyres, lights and brakes. If you are unsure about how to check your bike, pop into your local bike shop
  • Make sure that you are visible to others
  • Give yourself plenty of space – ideally about a metre from the curb to avoid hazards (like opening doors on parked cars)
  • Stay alert - use all your senses, making sure you can hear, see and react to what is going on around you
  • As with all road users, follow the Highway Code and ride within the law
  • If you are intending to stop or change direction, always look, make eye contact if possible, and clearly indicate your intention
  • Stay visible in poor light conditions and after dark. The Highway Code requires lights on the front and back of your bike which conform to current legal standards
  • If you need to park your bike, consider where you leave it and use a good bike lock. It's best to use two different types of locks (i.e. D-lock and cable) on your bike and lock it to something secure

Dress for the occasion

  • Always wear comfortable clothing, consider layers if you have a longer journey. Plan to be a bit warmer than you would be if you were standing outdoors
  • Ensure that nothing catches in the chain or obscures your lights
  • Consider wearing a helmet that conforms to current regulations and fits correctly
  • Keep some spare clothes in the office, or bring extra layers with you, if you want to change
  • Britain’s weather is a bit unpredictable - lots of waterproofs will pack down small to fit in a pannier or bag
  • Whether you have a pannier, basket, crate, or something else, having the right kit means you can run errands on the way home or simply carry things more easily

If you have any top tips to share then go to @MyJourneyHants. Or if you would like to share your experiences to encourage more people to cycle contact us.