Curriculum Materials for Early Years settings

Within the Early Years settings in the Foundation Stage, Curriculum planning is carried out by each individual setting according to the needs of the area and each child. Therefore, the following curriculum planning is just an outline of a framework that can be used to structure the planning to the needs of each individual setting. This structure can be built upon and extended depending on the length of time each setting has to deliver the objectives.

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All the following planning has been based around a picture book called Journey by Aaron Becker. An animated version can be viewed here.

Early Learning Goals Sustainable Travel Link Activities Resource
Personal, Social and Emotional Development This is the introduction to the theme of Journeys. Small group discussions on journeys and travelling. Key questions to focus the discussions. Children to paint or draw how they made a journey this week. Suggested planning for PSE Development
Communication and Language In small groups, read and explore the book Journey by Aaron Becker. Discuss the different forms of travel the little girl used and to think about imaginary forms of transport they would like to create and travel by. Suggested planning for Communication and Language
Mathematical Development

Use different small world equipment to count and sort numbers to 10/20. Measure distance and time on how long it takes to travel a certain distance.

Suggested planning for Mathematical Development
Literacy Development

In small groups, children to discuss journeys they have taken, how they travelled. They are then encouraged to make their own travel planner.

Suggested planning for Literacy Developoment
Knowledge and Understanding of the World

Using different photos ad videos of a variety of locations, both nationally and globally, children to discuss different forms of travel to the locations and what they might see there.

Suggested planning for Knowledge and Understanding of the World
Physical Development

A variety of different physical activities linked with the theme of travel.

Suggested planning for Physical Development
Expressive Arts and Design

Using the book Journey by Aaron Becker, children to paint/draw what their imaginary world would look like behind the door and how they would travel.

Suggested planning for Expressive Arts and Design