Events and Challenges

My Journey run various active, sustainable travel events and challenges throughout the year for Hampshire early years settings to take part in and enjoy. There are also many other events, which can be linked to sustainable travel, during the year so please see our calendar below to find out more.


Daily activities and challenges

Daily physical activity plays a key role in developing happier, healthier and stronger pupils and staff. There are many ways to build some extra physical activities into the day.

The Daily Mile - a free and simple children’s health initiative that involves nursery and primary school children running or jogging for 15 minutes every day. Please visit for a range of free resources to help implement The Daily Mile.

Active Bursts - Active Bursts are physical activities that give pupils a brief break from learning to increase their focus. Energise Me have lots of ideas and free resources of ways to engage pupils in physical movement. There are activities to try indoors and outside. Please visit

The Golden Mile - The Golden Mile is a safe, simple and measurable way to improve health and physical activity. Every pupil can get involved by walking, wheeling, jogging or running around their track within the safety of the school grounds. Visit for more information.


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