Resources for Early Years settings

You will find information and files to download for our most up to date resources which can provide a fun way to encourage active travel on the school run. If you need travel-related prizes for your initiative, contact us at and we will send you out a few items to help support you.


Transition resources

Moving to a new school is a big step for parents as well as children, they are also likely to be going to a new location which involves an unfamiliar and new journey. To help settings support families with the transition to their new school there are a range of resources for parents and carers. There is some useful information on our Hampshire Transition Time page, as well as supporting promotional packs for settings or schools to use.

'How Could You Travel to School?' booklet

The 'How Could You Travel to School?' booklet has been produced to provide Hampshire parents and carers with a practical guide about safer, active and sustainable travel to school. It contains information and tools to help them plan their journey and find out the options available when their children starts school.

Each year we invite children to enter the "How could you travel to school?" drawing competition. This year we’re asking children to draw what they may have seen or heard on their journey to school that brings them joy. Please tell parents and carers about the competition, details can be found in the back of the booklets.


Walk with Wheels Week

Walk with Wheels Week is an event to encourage more families to walk, run, scoot or cycle to their early years setting, some or part of the way. For more details visit our Walk with Wheels Week Challenge page.




Walking Five A Day Challenge

Organise a week’s walking challenge at any time using our downloadable chart. Simply put a walking week into the calendar and launch it to children, parents and staff. Then the children simply tick off what they've achieved each day and share their results at the end of the week. This could be run during Walk with Wheels Week or Walktober as an additional activity.


Spring into action!

Spring into Action

My Journey Hampshire is promoting the Spring into Action Toolkit to inspire families to choose active travel. The toolkit will suggest a fun activity to try each day from Monday 27th February to Sunday 5th March 2023.

Visit the Spring into Action page for more information.




Create a 'Travel to our EYFS' webpage

Our toolkit to help you create a 'travel to our setting' webpage has been designed to provide you with content you could make available to pupils and parents to guide them on how they could travel to school. Adding this information to your ‘parents page’, ‘contact page’ or ‘how to find us’ will mean they have alternative ways to travel to school instead of by car to help reduce congestion and pollution at the school gate and keep everyone fitter and healthier. There are some great examples of what other schools are doing too. 


Park & Stride Maps

To reduce congestion around your nursery and pre school, use the My Journey toolkit to create your own Park & Stride map for your nursery or pre-school and download the Living Streets guide to setting up a Park & Stride scheme.


Parkwise Promise

In an effort to create a safer environment outside schools at the beginning and end of the day you can participate in ‘The Parkwise Promise’, a Council-led initiative to target dangerous and inconsiderate parking near to schools. Please see our Parkwise page for more information.


Road Safety "Beep Beep!" Days

Beep Beep! Days are a great opportunity for early year's educators to introduce 2-7 year olds to road safety basics, with fun activities and resources provided by Brake charity. You can register for a free e-pack or purchase a bumper pack for just £13.80, per 50 children. The pack includes lots of fun and reusable road safety activities including colouring sheets, posters, laminated activities and much more. For more information visit Brake or download this flyer.


Scooter Training

Train your Year R pupils how to ride their scooters safely with our scooter training guidelines for teachers. It aims to enable teaching staff to teach pupils how to scoot safely during the school day e.g. during a school PE lesson and more importantly on their journey to school. For those interested in Balanceability, there is more information on the Balanceability website.

See more on our Scooting to school information page below.


Susie the Childminder online books

If you are in need of a book to support discussions on sustainable travel, then the HCC Susie the Child-minder website will give you access to 'Travelling Back in Time with Susie the Childminder'. This comes as an on-line page turner book with teaching resources along with other resources.



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  • Why scoot? Why not?! If you can't scoot all the way to nursery, simply park 10 minutes away and Scoot from the Boot!