North Whiteley has been designed to encourage greener modes of transport. Developers of North Whiteley have designed new routes alongside Botley Road, Bluebell Way and Whiteley Way to enable safe cycling and walking. However, those that choose to drive can participate in local schemes to help reduce their carbon footprint and make new friends along the way.


Liftshare is an award winning lift share scheme with a high-volume of members that are able to lower their travelling costs and carbon footprint by offering to share their journeys.

 myPTP - we’ve teamed up with Liftshare to offer you free access to myPTP that identifies all the travel options available including sharing lifts.


Want to drive smarter? It’s a little known fact that small adjustments to your vehicle can make a big impact on the environment. Having correct tyre pressures, removing unnecessary weight and turning off your engine when stationary are just a few solutions to running a greener car.


Go Low - Consider hybrid or electric when you replace your car. The range for electric cars is increasing (100 – 250 miles) with purchase costs coming down. ZAP map shows all charging points in the UK, including the Whiteley area.


Working from home? By choosing to work at home one day or more a week you can reduce your travel time, costs, and your carbon footprint. It can contribute to a better work – life balance as you plan your work around deliveries or medical appointments and removes the stress of a regular commute by car.


Need some groceries? Save time by food shopping online - its picked and delivered without the need to drive and shop yourself. As deliveries are carefully timetabled they will be more efficient than a number of people making individual trips.


Car Club will soon be available to North Whiteley residents – use of a car for as little as one hour without the need to own or maintain one. Sign up for updates to be the first to hear.