Whitehill & Bordon is being redeveloped with active and sustainable travel in mind, to encourage healthier lifestyles and a reduction in car use for trips of less than 2 miles.

Those who choose to drive can take steps to reduce their carbon footprint and lower their costs. Liftshare is a free and award-winning scheme that helps you find someone to share journeys with, such as on your regular commute to work or college. Regular lift sharers can save £1K a year


Drive smarter - Small adjustments to your vehicle can make a big impact on the environment. Having correct tyre pressures, removing unnecessary weight and turning off your engine when stationary help you to save money and reduce emissions. See Eco Driving and Low Carbon Travel for more information.


Go Low - Consider hybrid or electric when you replace your car. The range for electric cars is increasing (100 – 250 miles) with purchase costs coming down and running costs relatively low. ZAP map shows all charging points in the UK, including the Whitehill & Bordon area.


Working from home and hybrid working - By working at home one day or more a week you can reduce your travel time, costs, and your carbon footprint. It can contribute to a better work – life balance as you plan your work around deliveries, medical appointments or hobbies and removes the stress of a regular commute by car.


Food shopping - Save time by food shopping online – have it picked and delivered without the need to drive and shop yourself. Deliveries are carefully timetabled and are more efficient than a number of people making individual trips. Why not consider combining shopping with a chance to get some exercise by walking or cycling for your local top up shopping.


Wheels to Work - If you don’t own a car and have limited transport options or unsociable working hours Wheels to Work is a moped loan scheme that could be for you. If you’re 16 or older and in training or looking for work, it offers access to a 50cc or 110cc moped for 3 – 12 months. There is a small weekly charge depending on your age and the type of moped you hire. You will also be provided with helmet, gloves, hi viz jacket and CBT test. Mopeds are fully taxed and insured.


Car club - There are plans to introduce a car club in the town. A car club will give you access to a car without the need to own one – you only pay when you use it. They are useful when you need a car for one off trips e.g. to collect someone from the station or for a bulk shopping trip.