Catching the train is a faster, more relaxing and less stressful way to travel on business, commuting or for trips with your family and friends. There are a choice of stations depending on your destination, giving you access to London, the South Coast and further afield.


Cycle to the station - A regular cyclist could cycle to the station and tick off their daily exercise. Most stations have cycle parking. If you’re planning to travel to the station by bike check there is cycle parking. For general information about travelling with a bike use National Rail Enquiries.


Bus links to stations - Depending on where you’re heading, bus services will take  you to Farnham or Liphook stations, with an average journey time of around 35  minutes. It’ll also make you feel better about your carbon footprint by leaving the car at home.


Lift share to save time and money - Lift share to the station with members of the free, award winning, national Liftshare scheme. Lift sharing with one or more people will cut travel costs including any parking charges at the station.


Planning your train journey

Use the My Journey Planner above or use National Rail Enquiries.

Check station facilities for access and mobility, car and cycle parking, toilets, refreshments.

Cyclists specific information 

Find the right ticketing option for you.