Love to Ride

Love to Ride run a series of different challenges throughout the year, offering prizes for workplaces and individuals, whether they are new to cycling or regular cyclists. Workplaces and employees can register on Love to Ride for some fun, free, friendly competition to see who can get the most staff to cycle. Taking part is a great opportunity to raise the profile of cycling in your organisation and remind friends, family and colleagues how enjoyable and rewarding riding a bike can be. 

Biking in the Coronavirus Era

You'll find a wealth of helpful information for new and experienced riders at

Cycle through Lockdown with Love to Ride

This March Love to Ride is inviting everyone to sign up for a brand new campaign, Ride It Out – a month of reasons to get back in the saddle with the arrival of Spring! Riding a bike can make you happier and healthier, plus it makes our communities cleaner, greener and more liveable. It’s a tough old world out there right now and cycling is a great tool to help people to get through lockdown and emerge with new, fun and healthy habits. 

There are four themed weeks to showcase the many benefits of riding a bike: 

Week 1: Ride HEALTHY – ride your bike and sleep better, live longer and smile wider 

Week 2: Ride RELAXED – it’s not all about how fast or how far, shift down a gear and enjoy your ride 

Week 3: Ride GREEN – ditch the car, train or bus and try one of your regular journeys by bike 

Week 4: Ride FREE – big or small, this week is all about adventure and going somewhere new to you by bike 

Like all Love to Ride challenges, there will be some fantastic prizes on offer.

Everyone can join in – it doesn’t matter if you ride every day or haven’t been on a bike in years, you can register in one minute at 

Other Love to Ride Challenges

Love to Ride organise a range of challenges throughout the year that anyone can join in with. You just need to go to their website to register as an employee or organisation, or you can connect with the local Love to Ride Project Manager for Southampton and Portsmouth, Lee Reyolds, at with any questions you may have.

The current Love to Ride challenge is: Ride Resolutions!

Why take part?

There are a bike load of reasons to participate:

  1. Achieve your cycling goals - Set goals, earn badges, cheer each other on, and enjoy some friendly rivalry with your friends, neighbours, and colleagues
  2. You want a bike-friendly world – Show your support for cycling and a healthier, happier world
  3. Win prizes - We've got some great prizes that you can win by participating in the challenges. Check out recent great prizes here!
  4. Compete on leaderboards - if a little friendly competition gets your legs cranking, then we have a host of leaderboards for you to enjoy
  5. Enjoy building community - connect with your friends, colleagues and fellow riders. Share your stories and photos and encourage each other to enjoy riding
  6. Get ready for the main event - Cycle September - the Global Bike Challenge - will see workplaces worldwide competing to see which can get the most people to try riding a bike
You can sign up as an individual, a group (of friends, social riding group, cycling club, etc.) or as a workplace. Once you've registered once you can join any of your local challenges just by logging in.

Got more questions?

Check out the frequently asked questions or if you are considering setting up a promotion in your workplace contact for guidance.