Workplace Events Calendar

Promoting the use of active and sustainable travel modes in your organisation can result in healthier and more productive staff, as well as contribute to reducing local congestion and pollution.

We've put together this handy calendar to let you know about events that are happening (updated for 2023) that you can use for internal promotions, for example by booking a Bike Doctor session or encouraging staff to sign up for one of the cycling competitions, or creating your own. We’ve also included some general health and wellbeing events which complement active travel.

We can help you plan and run sustainable travel engagement events and activities for your workplace. We can also support you with grant funding, audits, staff surveys and action plans, as well as run Bike Doctor events, Cycle Confidence Training and other activities tailored to your organisation. Just contact the My Journey Workplaces team at 




Happy New Year! 

New Year's Resolutions





World Health Day

     7th April 


Living Streets National Walking Month

World Environment Day 

5th June

Earth Day

22nd April

Bike Month 



Global Employee Health and Fitness Month

Clean Air Day






Le Tour de France

29 June - 21 July

Cycle to Work Day

08 August

Cycle September 



National Fitness Day

20 September




National Car Free Day 

22 September






Road Safety Week

18-24 November

Winter Wheelers

Note: The calendar is updated as new information about future events becomes available. Please check back for updates.