My Journey Car Share

Every business has its own sustainability goal. Have you ever considered car sharing as part of yours?

Car sharing makes for a more enjoyable, environmentally friendly and cheaper commute, plus reduces congestion and pressure on limited parking.

Is parking at work in short supply?

Do you end up paying for car parking daily?

Are you too far removed from public transport links for it to be a feasible option?

Would you occasionally prefer a bit more conversation and entertainment on your commute?

A National Highways initiative, created for businesses across the Solent, aims to reduce traffic on the road and save you money with the new My Journey Car Share app. And it’s completely free!

The My Journey Car Share app was launched in September 2023. It is free, helps to reduce traffic and parking congestion, and could be available to implement in your workplace.

Businesses and organisations within the Hampshire County Council, Portsmouth City Council and Southampton City Council areas are eligible to apply to register to join My Journey Car Share.

How will it help my sustainability goal?

The biggest polluter when it comes to employee commuting is single-occupancy vehicle use, with an average of 62% of journeys being made by a single driver without passengers. Particularly for workplaces without accessible public transport links, travelling by car is often the most accessible mode of transport.

If your workplace has insufficient capacity in the staff car park, or you’re aiming to conserve the CO2 generated by people on their journeys to and from work as part of a Net Zero ambition, encouraging car sharing could be a key part of your sustainability strategy. Driving alone is the second most carbon-intensive travel method after short-haul flights, and adding just one more passenger to your car ends up cutting the emissions by 50%.

How does My Journey Car Share work?

It’s as simple as setting up your business or organisation with a sharing network within the app, then encouraging staff to sign up with their work email addresses. Within the app, pe
ople will be able to match with their colleagues to share a car ride on their commute to work. You can register as a driver or a passenger, set your shift patterns up to a week in advance, and drivers will be matched with potential passengers along their route who work the same hours.

For every car share, both drivers and riders get an entry into prize draws to win thousands of pounds worth of prizes including weekend breaks, dinner at top restaurants, gift hampers, vouchers and branded clothing. You could also even make some new friends.

Why Car share?

Car sharing makes for a more enjoyable, environmentally friendly and cheaper commute. 

  • Help reduce congestion and enjoy a faster journey time.
  • Halve fuel emissions (at least) and help improve air quality in the region.
  • Save Money by sharing fuel costs and parking fees.
  • Enjoy a more sociable commute.

Here's what one female car sharer had to say:

"I was nervous about car sharing, so I was pleased to see that there was the option to travel with a female driver and that encouraged me to download the app. I'm so pleased I did because I don't want to keep using my car and adding to the traffic on the road. However, before this app came along I was forced to, as I don't live near a mainline train station. The nicest thing about car sharing is that I've made a new friend."

How do I register my business or organisation?

It’s simple, it's free, and it makes a positive difference. If you’re interested in implementing the My Journey Car Share app for your business or organisation, as part of your sustainability toolkit, email today and we’ll be in touch to discuss how we can support you with your goals.