Clean Air Day - Schools

Clean Air Day 2024 is the UK’s largest air pollution campaign, this year it will take place on Thursday 20 June. It is our chance to raise awareness about air pollution and make the air that we breathe cleaner and healthier!

In the UK, the transport sector is the biggest source of greenhouse gases that are contributing to global climate change. Clean Air Day encourages schools to learn about air pollution and take practical, accessible and positive actions. By working together and taking small steps, our collective action can create big changes. 

Small steps do = BIG changes!


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Clean Air Day 2023

Clean Air Day took place on 15 June 2023. Participating schools were asked to encourage their pupils and staff to make a Clean Air Action Pledge, an action that they can do that will help to improve air quality. These pledges could then be used as part of the competition entry for both pupils and schools.

We received lots of fantastic pledges and are delighted to announce the winners and runners-up.


Pupil competition

Pupils were asked to submit their Clean Air Action Pledge along with their answers to two additional questions about what they had learnt from taking part in Clean Air Day and how their pledge will improve air quality. 

Key Stage 3 winner: Matilda, Brune Park Community School wins a £25 Love2Shop voucher plus books ‘Island’ and ‘World Without Fish’

Key Stage 3 runner-up: Riley, Brune Park Community School wins a £10 Love2Shop voucher

Key Stage 2 winner: Sana, The Crescent Primary School wins a family day out to the Sea City Museum and a copy of ‘100 Things to Know About Saving the Planet’.

Key Stage 2 runners-up: Elsie, St John the Baptist C of E Primary School WC and Year 3A collective, Bosmere Junior School. Both will receive a copy of ‘100 Things to Know About Saving the Planet’.


School competition

School staff were encouraged to be ambassadors and lead the way for pupils by making a Clean Air Action Pledge too. To enter the competition schools needed to submit a photo of their staff pledges along with an explanation of how taking part in Clean Air Day 2023 had benefited, or would benefit, the school community. 

School winner: Brune Park Community School win a wildlife camera.

Watch Brune Park Community School pledge video.

‘This has benefited our school community because all year 7 - 9 students have had a dedicated lesson on clean air and made a pledge along with their teachers so they and we can see how it is a community effort to reduce pollution. From this our pledges will go onto a display board in each tutor group so students and staff can evaluate if they are doing their pledge.’


School runner-up: Noadswood School win a £50 gardening voucher which the school will use to support the upkeep of their new sensory garden.

‘Clean air day has encouraged staff and pupils to think about how they currently travel to school, and their short journeys, and how this impacts our school, and the wider community, as well as the environment.’


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