School transport for primary schools

Some of your pupils may need to consider using a bus for all or some of their journey to school. So if you have eligible pupils, share this information with their parents to apply for the concessions through Hampshire County Council.

Pupils with special educational needs

Young people who are able to provide evidence of a disability can apply for a concessionary bus pass. The ‘Disabled Person’s Bus Pass’ is issued by Hampshire County Council and enables free travel at any time on local bus journeys which start in Hampshire. A companion bus pass may also be available depending on the needs of the person applying. Eligible children may include Blue Badge holders who have help with disability parking and those currently receiving home to school transport from the County Council.

Mainstream pupils

Children in years R to 3 who live more than two miles from their school and children in years 4 to 11 who live more than three miles from their school could be eligible for free transport to school provided by Hampshire County Council. If they do not qualify for travelling expenses, parents can apply for them to be a 'privilege' passenger on school transport.

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