Travel planning

What is a Workplace Travel Plan?

Workplace travel plans are a way of encouraging efficient and environmentally friendly methods of travelling, for both commuting and work related journeys. They do this by promoting walking, cycling, lift sharing and public transport as an alternative to single occupancy car journeys. Your travel plan may also include home working, flexible working and video conferencing as ways of minimising travel requirements.

Our FREE site audit, survey and travel planning service is the place to start if you want to dentify how to create a more positive travel environment at your workplace. It also allows you to establish the baseline data for monitoring and evaluating the results of your sustainable travel initiatives. Email to find out more.

Note: It is a requirement of your workplace travel grant application to have a travel plan in place as it identifies what changes are needed to reduce single car occupancy journeys within your organisation. 

Find out how to apply for a Workplace Travel Grant to help achieve the goals of your travel plan.   

This short video explains what a travel plan is for, what it can achieve for your organisation and how to ensure its success.

What should a Workplace Travel Plan contain?

An effective Travel Plan MUST include the following:

  1. Introduction
  2. Location, transport links and site audit
  3. Existing policies
  4. Staff travel survey and identified issues
  5. Travel measures to reduce ‘Single Occupancy Car use’
  6. Objectives and targets
  7. Action plan
  8. Monitoring strategy

Note: There are downloadable Word documents for each section at the bottom of this page.

What measures can be included in a travel plan?

A detailed overview of measures to consider for inclusion in your travel plan can be found in our Suggested Travel Plan Measures document which covers the following areas:

For additional background and guidance relating to each mode of tansport see our Travel Planning Toolkits.

What are the benefits of having a workplace travel plan?

Benefits for the employer include:

  •  helps lower business costs, such as business travel or car park management costs
  •  gets staff to be more active on the journey to work, increasing staff productivity and lowering sickness absence
  •  helps recruit and keep staff by widening their travel choices
  •  can help with parking problems by encouraging staff to travel by other means
  •  makes a good contribution to your business' reputation and environmental policy

Benefits for employees include:

  •  widens staff travel choices for the journey to work
  •  can lessen individual travel costs
  •  promotes health and fitness
  •  can widen the job search areas of job seekers

Staff travel survey

Your staff travel survey provides the key data to inform your decisions regarding what travel measures to implement. You can choose the in-depth survey or a shorter version and you will receive a digital and paper copy of the results analysis. A downloadable sample of both versions of the FREE travel survey is available in the downloads section below.

Additional resource

Check out Ten Ways to Make Your Business Bike-Friendly, written in 2010 by Caitlin Dorsey. It is available below in the download section. 

Please note some of the content in this article has been adapted to reflect the UK cycle offering.

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