Workplace case studies

My Journey is supporting workplaces to make their business journeys more sustainable. Depending on the business, different solutions work. Below are just some of the successful efforts to reduce the amount of Single Occupancy Vehicles by promoting more sustainable travel modes. 

Fareham Innovation Centre

A Travel Plan has been created for the new Innovation Centre and various measures have been delivered to support this, including the production of marketing materials to promote sustainable travel and various events for staff such as Active Travel Days and a surgery session once a month.

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Bowman Power

Bowman Power received cycle shelters and offers Bike Dr sessions to increase cycling among employees. Thus enough car parking can be provided without extending the car park.

Bowman Power Case Study

Old Mutual Wealth

Old Mutual Wealth promotes all types of sustainable transport by providing pool bikes, having regular Bike Dr services for the bikes of their employees, offering discounted season tickets and engaging heavily in active travel challenges. Old Mutual Wealth is especially successful in promoting liftsharing among staff.

Old Mutual Wealth Case Study

University of Southampton

Finding that unwanted bicycles were being left in their bike stores, the University of Southampton responded to this challenge by coming up with their resourceful 'Uni-Cycle' scheme. The initiative provides an affordable source of bicycles to the students and staff while increasing cycle storage in and around the University.

University of Southampton Case Study

Ordnance Survey

Facing a huge parking problem due to limited car parking spaces, Ordnance Survey strongly promotes cycling and liftsharing. Among the implemented and successful actions are improved shower facilities, Bicycle User Groups and a growing liftshare scheme.

Ordnance Survey case study

Wallenius Wilhelmsen Terminals

WWT introduced a Cycle to Work Scheme and found benefits to staff health and wellbeing and a reduction in absenteeism.

WWT case study

Sustainable City Expo

As part of our Sustainable City Expo in September 2018, staff from University of Southampton, Moore Blatch, Aviva and BBC South shared their experiences, challenges and solutions in implementing sustainable travel initiatives across their workplaces. Watch our video to hear their success stories.

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