Spring into Action

The Spring into Action Toolkit from My Journey Hampshire provides a week of activities for families to enjoy between 26 February - 3 March 2024.

With ideas to encourage early years and primary aged children to walk, wheel, scoot and cycle, the toolkit also provides a fantastic opportunity for families to spend time talking and having fun together.

Download the 2024 toolkit below to use with your family or share with your school community. The activities can be enjoyed on the day suggested or mixed up and revisited to suit each individual family.


Spring into Action Toolkit 2024



Not sure if your school or child will be able to take part in the activities? Visit our Spring into Action supporting information for ideas how the toolkit can be adapted so all children can get outside and explore seasonal change in a manner that is beneficial for them and their families.

For schools who would like to promote Spring into Action to their pupils and families, please find below a range of helpful resources to use, or adapt, as required.

Spring into Action Parent/Carer letter

Spring into Action for the school newsletter

Spring into Action social media content

Spring into Action social media images